Regal Cigs Free Trial and Starter Kit

by admin on October 21, 2013

Society E CigsProviding you with more than 2000 puffs divided on 5 fully flavored tobacco cartomizers makes Regal Cigs electronic cigarette starter kit and free trial a serious choice you really should consider if you want to try out and perhaps want to get started with electronic cigarettes.

This is perfect if you are on the edge regarding electronic cigarettes and are not quite sure whether this is something for you or not.

Regal Cigs is an all American Brand that not only delivers the most comprehensive e cigarette trial but also offers you full support and guidance during your trial period.

Important Update 29th of April!!

Regal Cigs is no longer available for sale or as a free trial. We recommend you to use Society E Cig instead. Here you will get an e cigarette with the latest technology and the same features as with Regal Cigs. Click on the link below to learn more!

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Benefits Using Regal Cigs

Why even consider getting started with electronic cigarettes using Regal Cigs?

Basically the the answer is very simple, because Regal Cigs looks like a real cigarette and will give you the exact same pleasure as your favorite cigarette brand.

The look, feel, taste and the total experience are very important factors when you switch from regular cigarettes to the electronic cigarette. Your chances of sticking them and not fall back to you old smoking habits are simply much higher.

Tobacco smoking is not only a question about getting your daily nicotine fix but also a question about habits, like the first cigarette in the morning, after dinner even the sensation of holding the cigarette in your hands.

Regal Cigs is the best electronic cigarette available that are able to replace those habits without you have to feel you are loosing out on anything.

How Regal E Cigs Looks Lik

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Regal Cigs a Big Money Saver

A benefit that most smokers switching from regular tobacco to electronic cigarettes really appreciate, is the amount of money you are going to save.

If you smoke a package a day you can expect to save around $900 per year making the switch.

That is if you choose Regal Cigs as your preferred electronic cigarette and without compromising on the quality and experience.

Regal Cigs To Your Health

The biggest problem with regular cigarettes is not only the addiction to nicotine but also the addiction to the 4,000 chemical toxins a regular cigarette consist of that are serious threats to your health, one of them is carbon monoxide, directly related to lung cancer that cannot be cured.

When you get started with Regal E Cigs you will start to improve your overall health and eliminate those risks that could cause serious diseases and shorten your life span.

The only addictive that is left is the nicotine, but it is far easier only have to deal with one and not 4,000 addictive toxins.

Get Your Senses Back

A major but often overlooked benefit getting started with electronic cigarettes is that you will start to get your tasting and smelling senses back, so you will start to taste food better and smell your newly made laundry.

Years of tobacco smoking destroy your senses so your ability to taste and smell will decrease, using Regal Cigs you will regain these abilities.

Regal Cigs No More Tar, Ashes and Yellow Fingers

Something most smokers and their relatives really find disgusting about cigarettes is all the tar and ashes laying around. But not only that cigarettes also has an ability to create yellow fingers and for that matter teeth as well, issues that you just cannot wash away but will disappear over time.

When you use an electronic cigarette like Regal Cigs you will not have these issues any more. Since they are not generating any smoke there are no waste products to destroy your home environment.

Some Regal Cigs Benefits

No More Second Hand Smoke

Producing second hand smoke is one of the biggest threats to your surroundings, friends and family and is proven to cause a long list of different types of diseases and illnesses.

Since Regal Cigs does not create any smoke but vapor which is totally harmless there are no threats to your surroundings or for that matter you.

Once Again You Can Smoke in Public Places

Great news for especially social smokers, there are no ban against smoking electronic cigarettes in public places including bars, restaurants and night clubs, which means that you once again can enjoy a drink or a glass of wine without the feeling of being hunted down just because you are a smoker.

What You Will Get in the Free Trial Starter Package

Regal Cigs probably deliver the most comprehensive electronic cigarette starter kit that you can find online. This e cigarette free trial everything and more that you need to get started and become successful with electronic cigarettes here is what this kit contain.

  • A total of 5 full flavored tobacco cartomizers with more than 400 puffs each
  • Latest E Cig technology, build to provide you with an even more genuine feeling and satisfaction
  • Newest generation of rechargeable lithium Ion batteries that last longer
  • 1 Wall charger to have in your house so you e cigs can charge at night and be ready for you
  • USB charger for you when you are on the move, working or traveling. Can connect to tablet, laptop or computer
  • Deluxe Durable storage case (will feel like a real package of cigarettes in your pocket)
  • Exclusive collectors gift box, perfect as a presant
  • Complete manual how to get started and become a successful e cigarette vaper
  • Full lifetime warranty

See What Real Users are Saying About Regal Cigs

Vince G Regal Cigs Testimonial“I have tried other brands of the electronic cigarettes and none them come close to the Regal Cigs “satisfaction action” of inhaling a tobacco cigarette. The Regal Cigs last longer than the other brands too, and you can choose the strength and flavor you want too. So forget the rest and get the best, Regal Cigs.”

Vince G.


Kitty Regal Cigs Testimonial“We intend to tell all of our relatives and friends about the your e-cigarette. In fact, if all goes well, we hope to talk at least FIVE of them into buying your product before the holidays. (We mean business…lol) We have our doctors blessing on this as well.”



Liz Regal Cigs Testimonial“I quit smoking real cigarettes and I started Regal experience and I honestly have to say I’m amazed by how real this product is, and I’m not hurting myself nor am I hurting anyone else around me. My children are so proud of me. Please try this product I never thought in a million years that I would be able to stop smoking even with family and good friends that I have lost to lung cancer. I wish this product was around then they would still be here today. I have to say thank you Regal Cigs.”

Liz L.

 Get Started with Regal Cigs with Your Own Free Trial

It is never fun to invest a couple of hundred dollars in something and then figure it wasn’t really you.

That is why Regal Cigs has come up with the unique e cigarette free trial and starter kit so you will have a unique opportunity to try out electronic cigarettes and so you can feel all the benefits on your own body.

This trial is currently due to a high demand only available in the United States and while supply last. To get started of learn please click on the link below.

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Emerald Lux Free Trial Package

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Any Dangers using Electronic Cigarettes?

by admin on November 13, 2013

Electronic Cigarettes any Dangers?A lot of you guys may ask!

“Ah OK electronic cigarettes really sound like a good option that really can improve my health and perhaps help me to quit cigarettes, but honestly doesn’t it sound to good to be true, are there really no dangers using electronic cigarettes?”

Of course there are dangers using electronic cigarettes, they are not 100% safe to use, because they do contain nicotine and this toxic addictive is really not good for you.

Nicotine can easily make you addicted to it, and it has a tendency to raise your bad cholesterol levels which might cause future heart diseases etc.

Does Not Come with 4,000 Addictives

However where electronic cigarettes does stand out as a far safer alternative than regular cigarettes, is that they do com contain the 4,000 addictive a regular cigarettes consist of.

In fact 400 of those are so dangerous for you that they could kill you if you got them in to high of a dosage.

The Tar

Tar is one of them that when it comes as a carcinogen can cause cancer.

Carbon Monoxide

Another one even more dangerous is carbon monoxide that is directly related to lung cancer that would put and end to your life. Carbon monoxide comes with the smoke in regular cigarettes and since e cigarettes does not produce any tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide is not a concern when using electronic cigarettes.

Breathing Difficulties and Less Oxygen for Your Brain

However most smokers often things, ah lung cancer is something that can happen to me way out in the future, so they stop being concerned about it, but you should because the short term effects of carbon monoxide is that it lowers your oxygen levels so it becomes more difficult to breath. An even greater concern is that less oxygen will be delivered to your brain because of carbon monoxide.

This alone should cause smokers really to consider getting started with electronic cigarettes, also because they do not shorten your life up to 11 minutes every time you use them as regular cigarettes does.

What About the Fluids in E Cigarettes that Creates the Vapor?

There are two types of fluids used in electronic cigarettes that together with the nicotine creates the flavor and the vapor that will provide the user with the sensation as was it a real cigarette.

These fluids are named propylene glycol or glycerin and does not come with any taste or smell. Both of them are used in many food products that we can buy in the supermarket and both are approved by the FDA and should not be any concern of yours.

Health Concerns and the FDA

There are health concerns regarding electronic cigarettes but the fact is that more scientifically studies and tests are needed in order to not only to learn more about e cigarettes but also the after effects of using them.

At this point it is very limited what we can find regarding studies made on this matter. However the FDA did a study back in May 2009 where they tested different electronic cigarette cartridges produced by different electronic cigarette companies.

These studies found that cartridges from NJoy and Smoking Everywhere did contain Diethylene glycol in one and tobacco-specific nitrosamines in another both well known as being cancer causing agents.

However a lot of critics of these test appeared especially from The Electronic Cigarette Association that critized the tests for being to narrow and did not provide any reliable conclusion on this matter for numerous reasons.

No Comparison with other Nicotine Replacement Products already Approved by the FDA

FDA did not bring up any comparison with approved nicotine replacement products where there were also found amounts of tobacco-specific nitrosamines.

The Actual Amount of Harmful Chemicals Present in the Cartridges

Not only The Electronic Cigarette Association criticized the FDA tests also medical and health experts came with their notes that the harmful chemicals found in electronic cigarettes was about one million times lower than the concentration that could damage human health.

The Conclusion

At this point there is a lack of scientifically studies and tests to make a final conclusion on whether electronic cigarettes are harmful or not.

However when we compare electronic to regular cigarettes they clearly shows that they are a far more safe and healthier alternative to use and that most smokers will benefits using them.

Get Started with Regal Cigs one of the Safest E Cigarette Brands

If you are curious about electronic cigarettes and are thinking about perhaps getting started with your own brand, then why not try out Regal Cigs, that is one of the safest electronic cigarettes around.

For a limited period of time you can get yourself a free trial of the complete Regal electronic cigarette starter kit. To get started click on the link below.

>>> Click Here to Get Your Free Trial of Regal Cigs <<<

Regal Cigs Complete Package

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